Welcome to Motion Simulations

Motion Simulations Closed at the end of April of 2013. 

We keep this page up and running because the Principal and Founder of the company needs to document the three years of his life he spent working towards the dream of creating a world class, metro NYC training center focused on the GA Pilot and Owner Flown Airplane.

We haven't conducted business from this website or the location on Danbury Airport since April 2013. The City of Danbury needs this disclaimer to prove we are not in business anymore (to not tax me). Under this line is content from when we were in business


At Motion Simulations we don't sell fuel, rent airplanes, tie downs, or perform maintenance. Our mission is to provide individualized pilot training. We provide an alternative to the traditional FBO-based flight school and the large corporate owned learning center. Our singular focus is pilot training. Simply put, our goal is not to teach people how to fly, rather to teach pilots to be become better aviators. We offer initial, recurrent and proficiency training from seasoned instructors, from our 3500 square foot learning center adjacent to the Danbury Municipal Airport. 

A few of our specialties

Initial and Recurrent Training

Have you recently purchased or are interesting in purchasing an aircraft?  Motion Simulations has been approved by your insurance company to provide the training you need.

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Complex/High Performance

We offer in airplane, and simulator based complex and high-performance training for the log book endorsement you'll need to operate these airplanes. Our instructors have sage experience instructing in Beechcraft, Cessna, Mooney and Piper Aircraft  

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Ratings Training/Flight Review/IPC

We specialize in training for both the Instrument rating and Commercial Certificate.  Already have the ratings? We offer refresher programs that can be used to satisfy your 14 CFR 61.56 and 61.57 c and d requirements. 

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